Sunday, 4 May 2014

Holiday Happiness!

Well, just got back today from our first family holiday with the little one in Cyprus. It was great and most importantly our little man loved it, spending his days alternately charming all of the girls or being in charge of his pirate ship!! (Long story...)

But while I was away, Kingdom Death published an article that I wrote a while back to accompany a commission piece that I did for them. This is the article - LINKY - and this is the model itself...

 If you think that it looks familiar, it is because this is the "original" version of the same model that I featured in my FIRST POST
This version though was to be assembled and painted as close to the original concept art by Lokman Lam as possible. It was a bit of a departure from my usual more colourful stuff, but I really enjoyed the challenge of tweaking my style to suit, and I'm pleased with the outcome too (as is the client, more importantly! ^_^).

The guide itself, though a little time consuming, was a great chance to look into what I do when I'm painting and prepping models, and surprised me how much goes into getting from the original, unassembled kit in the box to finished article.

I shall now be able to use the framework of this first article to help explain how I put together future pieces too.

Anyway, I hope that you like her and feel free to pop by and vote on Coolmini and/or Putty & Paint

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