Brush for hire

I am available for commissions if you want to ask.

However.... I do have a full time day job, a wife and a little boy. So, my time at the table can at times be limited.

If I accept a commission, I will give the client an approximate start date, agree colour schemes/scope of works involved, provide work in progress photos, Dullcote finish the model (unless otherwise specified) and send the finished product out in a suitable box with reasonable steps taken to protect the model(s) from transit.

I am not going to paint regiments of skeletons or space marine armies though, so please don't ask. There are plenty of army painters around who are more than willing, with some more than capable (like Golem Studios). I do my painting for the challenge and the pleasure of it. If the commission doesn't inspire and excite, then it is hardly likely to be a top quality finish.

Please email me for rates and any other terms and conditions.

EDIT: 15th August 2017

I am taking a break from commissions for the time being. I have a lot of real world commitments currently, and so hobby time is increasingly squeezed. I hope to return to commissions in the future, but will just do personal projects for now, and maybe sell the odd personal piece as the mood takes me.

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