Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Winner Announcement

Sorry it has taken a little longer than anticipated to decide on the winner of the "Name that Diorama" contest.
I decided to pass the decision to the person for whom the diorama was created and painted, and they had their work cut out with around 50 entries.

Thank you all so much for you input. There were humorous, snappy, poetic, descriptive and one or two left-field ones too. Many of them made you look at the scene from different perspectives, and the winner gives a slightly ambiguous view of the scene too, which invites you to look at the scene and decide who the title refers to.

So, the chosen entry is from Ray Miller with "The Berserker at the Bridge"

Ray gets the choice of a painted Survivor or Monster from the game, so congratulations indeed, Ray! :)

I had a personal favourite from the rather poetic Miguel Sanchez with "We passed the bridge of broken faces, we passed the stillborn sun". I'm sure that I can come up with a prize for Miguel too, not least for the sheer number of entries that he thought up!

Cheers again, and here's another look at the diorama, The Berserker at the Bridge ^_^