Friday, 28 August 2015

Teacher's Pet

I've been a bit quiet again, sorry.

This has partly been because the progress on the Poppy's Angels charity piece has taken time to keep tweaking the skin tones and smooth things out. It is surprising how much you need to alter your technique when working on larger scale. I want to do a bit more tidying up before I next show her, especially after seeing Bohun's recent jaw dropper! LINK

The other reason is that I have been preparing for a class that I shall be holding this weekend. I haven't taught for a couple of years now, so it's quite exciting, and I've managed to sort it that the class is being held in my own home town, which is a real bonus, especially as I know where the pubs are that sell the beer that I like! ^_^
The class came about as part of a Kickstarter by Wamp where they launched a new paintbrush line. For some reason it was thought that I would be useful in helping people actually use their new brushes! lol
The course is happening over two days of the weekend, with myself teaching on the Saturday, and my friend John Keys, aka Megazord Man.

I managed to get those wonderful Blacks & Whites of Hasslefree Miniatures to help out with the subject matter, which on this occasion is the relatively new release, Steampunk Boudi.

She's a lovely little sculpt (emphasis on little. I forget how tiny and delicate, yet characterful Kev's sculpts are), and I spent a couple of evenings this week preparing an example piece for the class to look at. The sculpt is based on the wonderful concept art of one of my favourite pinup artists, Matt Dixon

She was great fun to paint, and hopefully the students will enjoy working on her too. I had to spend a while getting their minis ready, and now I have a mini legion of tiny Boudis!

I shall very much look forward to showing off some images of what the students themselves managed during the class, so that gives me a subject for the next post straight away!

Enjoy your bank holiday! ^_^

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