Tuesday, 11 August 2015

A One-Off...

In my last update I showed the early stages of my piece for the Poppy's Angels Super Raffle.

To remind you, you can buy tickets for this raffle at the Poppy's Angel Go Fund Me page - HERE

As I understand it, for each £2 donated you get a ticket. Make sure that you add a comment with your donation saying "Super Raffle". If, of course you, just want to donate, then leave the comment section blank.

Since that last update I haven't made huge strides because I've been painting walls and building furniture. Our little man had outgrown his bed which started out as a cot 3 years ago, and his bedroom was ready to be changed from the nursery look that we created for it when we moved in. He is pirate crazy so we've had a wall papered in a really cool pirate map pattern and he's now got a single bed that he looks tiny in! Still a fair bit of finishing off to do, but his little face was a picture when he saw the room so far ^_^

What I have done is get the conversion work finished off on the Poppy's piece, get it all primed, and begun work on the scenery part. I'm glad that I got the chair all painted because the fragility of the sculpt is ridiculous! lol
The drip/lantern stand obviously needs to be set so that the post is upright and the drip itself is hanging correctly, but I just slipped it into place for the photo...

The fabric still needs some blending and texturing, plus I need to follow it on with the bit around her neck. I shall most likely do a similar, but darker tone for her underwear and stocking tops.
The colour of glow for the drip/lantern is as yet undecided, but I shall create a bit of source lighting with it accordingly.

I am very pleased to now be able to reveal that this piece has its own unique concept art too. Having already built the model, I contacted Kingdom Death's main concept artist, Lokman Lam, about the piece and he was happy to revise the original concept to match what I had done. With the blessing of Kingdom Death I shall be printing off an art card to accompany the piece, making it a true one-off original just for this event...

How cool is that?! ^_^

Got to be worth a couple of quid, wouldn't you say?! Here's that link again... LINK

My only other news right now is that I have done a Q&A on the Noobs and their Paintbrush blog, which you can find here - NOOBS & THEIR PAINTBRUSH - it's a little insight into me and my thoughts about painting.

Until the next update...



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