Friday, 27 March 2015

You're once, twice, three times a winner...

Right people. As a thank you to everyone who has taken the time to pop along here and/or click like on Facebook, I promised that I would do a freebie giveaway, so here goes...

I'm going to actually do a straight forward random draw, where my 2 year old son will pick 2 winners, who I shall send either a Kingdom Death resin White Speaker pinup or Hasslefree resin Tomoko (I think that this is the limited release version).

I shall do the draw over the weekend and post details hopefully on Monday 30th March.

BUT! I also want to do a fun competition giveaway...

I have on offer, one Kingdom Death Chosen model 


Now, ever since I first saw him, I thought that he reminded me of a mixture between Lionel Richie and Arnold Schwarzenegger!

So, the challenge is for you to create some kind of amusing Arnie/Lionel mashup.
It can be a song lyric, epic sketch, photoshopped image, photo of yourself dressed up as a mix of the two... Whatever you want to do.

The winner will be the one that makes me laugh the most. Simple as that.

Entries to be made as a post on the Black Hand Facebook page - HERE - and closing date will be Friday 10th April.

Have fun. Share if you like. Catch you soon. And thanks so much for following my musings.


Scott ^_^

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