Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Skipping Ahead

I'm going to keep my powder dry with regards to the Clio & Erato piece that I recently completed and showed on the Facebook page, except for a couple of close up shots...

There's a couple of reasons for this, but the main reason is that I want to add a couple of bits to the back of the plinth and maybe just sharpen a couple of details here and there in order to take them to Salute later this month.
I will also be able to let you know how they got on in the Blacksmith Miniatures competition too, which closed on Sunday night (the 5th).

I have a couple of commissions to start shortly, one of which is for a new company that will be showing this model off for the first time at Salute too. I hope to have said model in hand before the end of the week, and will show more once I have permission to do so. The other is one of those rare commissions where the client says "I've got this model..." and you say YES! before you even read the rest of the message! On this occasion it is one of the Ilyad barbarians, Vorag, and I'm really looking forward to working on him for two reasons - The first being that the sculpt itself is just awesome; the second is that I have his female companion, Virago, sat in my unpainted pile, so this could be the ideal opportunity/excuse to paint her too!

While I wait for one and plan the other, I have decided to do a fun piece, and they don't come more fun for me than Hasslefree minis. I had a couple of newish sculpts that I picked up at last year's Salute (if you have read the blog recently, this mentioning of previous Salute events is bordering on obsessional! I seem to be under some weird self obligation to paint models picked up at the previous event. I think that it stems from one particular visit in 2011 where I still have a load of minis in the pile picked up from that day. I have no chance of reducing the grey pile, but I feel less guilty about it when I do this kind of thing...) and I do love a bit of experimentation. I had the skin tones still in the palette from Clio & Erato, so I painted the face and hair in a spare hour on Saturday. The hair was the bit of experimentation on this occasion, as I wanted to try out dip dyed effect hair. It's a really simple technique, but quite effective.
The armour then took a few hours to do with mostly Panzer Aces paint. Next I'll sharpen it all up and do the soft armour parts.

I'm really happy with the shine on the hair and the face. The armour is in that "meh" stage, but I'll add a little bit of wear and tear plus some kind of unit markings/insignia, probably to the chest and top of her back. Then I ought to work out a setting for her too! lol

Finally, don't forget the Kingdom Death Chosen competition that I announced previously will close this Friday (the 10th), so get your Arnie/Lionel mashups in for your chance to win.


Scott ^_^

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