Friday, 16 January 2015

How rude!

So. 2015 thus far hasn't exactly gone quite as well as I had hoped. Less than halfway through the first month and, returning from a rather lovely break in the UAE which we tagged onto the end of the Xmas holidays, we found that we had been burgled in our absence!
It's quite an unnerving experience and some difficult to replace items were taken, but fortunately no one was actually harmed, and the house wasn't completely trashed, so it's a small comfort.... I guess :/

Obviously, being overseas has meant very little time at the painting table - more time at the dinner table and bar though! ^_^ - but I did get some painting done last night and really there's no easy way to say this... I spent much of last night painting a mutant lady garden. There. I've said it. Best move along to the photos I think...

Sometimes a few pictures can speak quite eloquently for themselves, so perhaps I should say no more on this one, other than to say that I have a LOT of lanterns to paint in that base very soon!!

Other than that, I have just started a new facebook page for the blog - - so do please stop by and like/share the page

Cheers ^_^

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