Thursday, 1 January 2015


Well, the new year is here, and with it a profound hope that any and every visitor that has taken the time to pop by my little blog has a great new year.

For me personally, I saw the new year in quietly, but we had some additional fireworks at about 4am, when a house opposite ours had to call the fire brigade. I don't think that there was any serious damage, but it was an interesting early punctuation mark in the new year!

I hope that this year will be one of a few more shows than I managed in 2014, and a little more "structured" time at the painting table. I am sure that family needs and work demands will do their best to intervene, but I'll at least start the year in optimistic hope! ^_^

The actual break though has been most welcome, and the absence of the alarm clock from my life right now is just bliss - even if the little one only ensures that we only get about an extra half an hour or so of sleep! lol

In terms of time at the table over the Christmas break, I think that I managed about 2 hours, but it is the start of adding some details with the brush in hand at last, so that was encouraging...

There's a lot still to do pretty much everywhere, but I want to move onto the mane next to at least establish all of the base colours, then I can tweak and alter as I go from there - the face needs a lot of work still, but I wanted to see if the pale purple colour would work. - I'm toying with the colour palette, but with the colours already in play, a very pale or very dark (or both!) yellowish tone could be the way that I go for. Either that or I go with more of the pale grey purple tone. We'll see...

Other than that, there's not a lot more to see or say right now other than thanks for joining me on my first year. I hope that year two will be filled with painty goodness!

Oh, and check out Painting Buddha's "Black Betty" Indiegogo campaign. It's a great collaboration with one of Kingdom Death's sculptors, Hector Moran, and looks ace. Wish I could spend more myself, but I have a holiday to pay for and more toys than I can comfortably count already!

Until next time, cheers and beers (unless you're in January detox, in which case stick to the tea...)

Scott ^_^

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