Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Ladies, please. One at a time...

Having forged ahead with the walker model, I have been feeling unsure about how much or little to weather the panelling, and particularly whether I really should have done some pre-preparation for the weathering to be "under" the paintwork... This is the perils of not planning the piece ahead enough, but I'll put that down to the fact that this is really the first model of this size that I've attempted in over 15 years.
It shouldn't really be a major issue, as I can do some sponging and fine scratching with sponge, brush and possibly pencil; and then I can add pigments, greasy glazes and such as final effects.

With this crisis of confidence I was in danger of letting the piece as a whole stall. So, to keep fresh on it I decided to have a play with the base, throwing down some fairly heavy weathering to give the impression of a very well used area where running repairs are always going on... Nothing too difficult, just washes, pigments and a bit of ink here and there. Since these photos I have actually distressed the tiles further, but
I don't have a decent shot of this yet.

Having worked on the base, I was no closer to picking the walker itself back up, so I painted up the pilot.
Colour scheme is essentially the same as the walker, and a few tweaks are still needed to refine the paint and add a bit of interest here and there, but most of the paint is on in most of the right places! ;)

This weekend just gone I was fortunate enough to spend some time at the table (and the pub! yay! ^_^ ) with my good friend, Chris Octive. There was much chatting and chuckling, but while he worked on painting his latest Carrasco piece, I decided that I would make a proper start on a model that has been up on cork for a while now. This is Cassandra, from Thomas David's Agora line. I've had her for a couple of years now, and I have always had in my head that I want to paint her in a very clean, Tron-like finish. The fluorescent glow will come later, but the shiny dark/light contrast effect that I am aiming for is happening quite nicely so far (an afternoon's painting essentially)...

 Plenty still to do, but a nice change of pace to the more varied pieces in terms of texture. I plan on doing more bluey metal colours on the thighs and arms, and then some pale skin tones. The helmet is still under debate, as Chris suggested something quite left field that I may try out.... ^_^

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