Friday, 14 February 2014

Not sure where this is going...!

OK. I'll readily admit that I really don't know where this paint scheme is going! Having coloured in the basic "blue" of the bodywork, I wanted to add a contrasting coloured patterning, but didn't want to be too regular with it. So I started adding in an asymmetric linear design to the front plate, thought "That's not bad", and applied it to the rest of the walker! Inspiration or a bit nutty? Dunno. But it looks quite nice :)

Now I have the majority of the model "painted" and it is assembled, I shall no have to start deconstructing it all. I'm reluctant to smash it up too much, but I do want it looking well used, so I'm going to have a go at some weathering techniques with inks, oils and pigments. I also think that the blue now looks too flat, so I'm going to up the highlighting somewhat on the top areas.

The metals need to have a bit of tidying up and defining too, but I might leave that until later, as I've got to do some varnishing and airbrushing to the model, and masking off the metals is a bore...

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