Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Until I return...

Brad is "complete". I hesitate to say "finished" because I know that I will need to tidy bits up here and there, and there is a good chance that I may add some neon glow to part of him when I put him and Yanet together on the base. But, for now, he has paint in most of the right places and I have put him in the cabinet next to Yanet (so that they don't stare at me accusingly for not giving them a nice base to play on!). It has been a bit of a disturbing trend for me of late, as I did the same thing for a Kingdom Death Watcher model which I couldn't make a decision on how to base recently. I actually think that I have a good idea for that now though, so I expect to put that together very shortly, and that could provide a nice model to take to Salute in which case...

Anyway, Brad. Non-metals done.I took two slightly different approaches as I wanted the "black" metal of the rifle to be slightly different to the metals elsewhere.

Also, a suggestion from Mr Painting Buddha (Michael Bartels) about the saturation of the green on his jacket led me to take another look, and I've now toned that back a bit using some very yellow skin tone (Vallejo Model Colour's Dark Flesh) mixed with the original green. I also added some reddish black to the original green and increased the shading here and there to the jacket. I can already see odd bits here and there that I'll most likely tweak or touch in when I go back to him (and Yanet, who I am going to fit out with a pistol rather than her current pole thing) with fresh eyes, but I am calling them both "done" for the moment, as neither of them offend my eyes too much as they are! ;)

I am now weighing up about half a dozen sci-fi type models as possible Salute entries, and I have 2 pinups on corks, primed and ready to go, so I should have new models to see very soon.

Thanks for dropping by! :)

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