Tuesday, 14 January 2014

He ain't heavy. He's my Bruddha...

Anyone who hasn't heard about the Painting Buddha yet, where have you been?!? lol.
Seriously though, if you are a painter who wants to improve what you do, and perhaps more importantly see another painter's method of approach to mini painting, then I strongly suggest you join in NOW! ^_^

I picked up the first set a couple of months back and was bowled over by the sheer quantity of great stuff that came with the starter set - 2 54mm resin models plus scenic base, 6 instructional DVDs featuring the work of 2 very talented and multi-award winning painters - Ben Komets and Rafael Garcia Marin. - plus a metal tin that the models came in, badges, assembly instructions and a lovely t-shirt, all in a presentation case.
All for not an awful lot at all... I have also thrown my hat in for the 1.3 edition coming soon all about basing, because I fell that I need to be a little more expansive with my basing.

Anyway, having watched some of the DVDs I decided to dive in with Yanet and Brad from the set. I wanted to go for a very different scheme to those in the videos, most specifically I wanted to get a bit more skin on show with Yanet. This was one of the first models that I used my airbrush on a few weeks back, and it was a bit of a lesson in the dos and don'ts of masking. Fortunately nothing serious went wrong, although I did find the resin of these models to be rather brittle, so I've had a few breakages; so much so that Brad was supposed to have a really long sniper rifle with scope. Now though, he has a nice compact carbine, which you'll see soon! hehe. Similarly I think that Yanet's pole might get swapped for the sci-fi styled side arm pistol that came with her, because it is bent, and no amount of straightening seems to last with it, unfortunately...

I've not painted that much in red lately, which is an odd statement, but I used to paint a lot of red, especially back in my space marine painting days. In this case I made Yanet's robe red, with a quite swarthy skin tone. This was offset with straps and belts made to look like rubber, a sort of greenish see-through latex top, and some dark NMM to finish.

Brad I wanted to sort of complement Yanet in a contrasting colour, so I've gone green so far. However, I plan on getting some red in before I finish him. I don't know how I ended up giving him a moustache and soul patch though! One minute I was doing my usual mucking around with skin tones, the next he's sporting a fetching bit of facial hair! O_o

The body glove was some Vallejo Panzer Aces Tank crew colours. The jacket is mostly Vallejo Uniform Green and Russian Green, so far.

Hopefully will get some more progress in before the end of the week.

Cheers! ^_^

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