Friday, 17 January 2014

More Bruddha-ly Love...

OK. I've moved Brad on a fair bit over the course of the week. The NMM still needs to be done, and bit of toning and tidying here and there, but the majority of the colours are in place now.

The bodysuit was bugging me because it was so plain and I wanted to get some sort of interest in there.

I could have painted some regular stripes in to break up the areas a bit, but I really wanted to do something a bit more asymmetric, so I did a bit of looking around and fell into Japanese influences again.

In the end I decided to put a Japanese style sunburst on the suit (I was tempted to go red with that, but thought it would be too lairy!). Anyway, I think that it is working much better now and I hope to push on through. I need to start thinking about possible models to take to Salute this year... ^_^

(apologies that the pics are a little meh)

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