Thursday, 16 June 2016

Gallery Round Up

I think that I may stop putting entries onto Coolminiornot and P&P in the future. CMON in particular has really lost a lot of (sensible) voting traffic, and unless you paint a certain brand of model then you are unlikely to get many votes at all.

It's no great loss, as I don't have a burning desire to either be or be acknowledged as "teh best painter evar", so rankings are kind of arbitrary, but it is a shame that a small group within the community that are negative in their use of these sites (almost all CMON I should add) get to take over.

For what it's worth I've put up final photos of Atalanta from JoeK minis...

Views/Voting Link -

Then I also added the recently completed Lion Knight...

Link -

Plus Blanche from Hasslefree that I did back in April...

Link -

And the various protagonists from the Berserker at the Bridge diorama...

Link -

Link -

Link -

Link -

Each of the links provide additional views of the models shown above, and if you fancy popping a vote/comment on, then that's nice of you.

For the future I think that I shall just show the models here and on Facebook and see what happens from there. I shall also look at creating a gallery page on here for future reference too.

But for now, I hope that you do take a look, and I'm off to watch the football... ;-P


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