Friday, 8 May 2015

The Silver Lining

Well. It looks like the UK is going to be an interesting place to live for the next few years. So, until a rich benefactor decides to employ me to paint their minis at their studios in the Caribbean/Oz/Indian Ocean (maybe the US ^_^ ), I'd best console myself to painting things that I really like.

And like doesn't go anywhere near touching how overjoyed I am to be working on these two Ilyad models. Truly staggeringly beautiful models. The mini world is worse place without this kind of piece being made on a regular basis. But, the flip side of that is the feeling of sheer privilege when you are asked to do them.

Virago, the girl, I have had in my collection for a couple of years, but I felt that I needed to level up my abilities with the brush before I would be ready to do her justice. Having started, at last, oh my...
The. Actual. Joy of her and her *little* friend ^_^

The leather texturing was loads of fun experimenting with applying and removing paint. Really pleased with the result. The fur was more a matter of using the right paints/washes to get the effect to be realistic, as the sculpt had already done the hard work. The loin cloth thing on Virago was a fun mix of blending and texturing. I'm right into trying to get some texture into cloth and such at the moment, particularly because patterning isn't my strongest skill, so more "loose" stuff like this gives a nice effect, and probably suits too in the circumstances.

The eyes I just couldn't resist at this time! lol

Can't wait to do the next update ^_^

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