Tuesday, 9 September 2014

2 steps forward and 1 back...

It's been an up and down few weeks of late, but nothing that anyone will find remotely interesting, just "life" stuff, stress stuff and all that blurb.
What this has done though is leave me feeling a little underwhelmed with my painting. After the high of the metallics in the last instalment, it's been a bit of a slog with this Andrea piece. I think that 54mm for me isn't my natural habitat on the whole, and so I've been feeling a little like I'm not doing it justice. As a result, progress is painfully slow compared to my normal output and enthusiasm tends to then wax and wane.
That said, I have made quite a lot of progress...

The skin is done, the cloak has received a lot of extra attention and the freehand is in place - still need to get some light and shade in there - the bow and much of the quiver is done, as is the skirt.
I need to decide whether to add a small freehand to the tabard, then the hair, jewels and metal parts of the quiver need to be done. Oh, and I'm going to steal a long hair from the cat for the bow string! After that I plan to put the model down for a few days and come back to it with fresh eyes to see what I'm "missing".

Once this is done I have a couple of really quick, fun pieces to finish off before I decide what my next project piece will be. I've been discussing what I think is a great concept for a dual effort with a good friend too (over a few drinks a few days ago). If that gets off the ground I reckon it could be a really cool, and creepy piece... ^_^

Until next time.

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