Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Another guide and some gardening

Hi all.

If you have seen my activity around FB or any of the forums that I hang out in, then this may not be news, but I have had a third painting guide published on the Kingdom Death site - LINKY

This model is the Preacher pinup, and is again a part of the Pinups of Death box set and painted to resemble Lokman Lam's lovely concept art. I have now completed all of the models and am currently working through the painting guides for the upcoming months, so watch out for that. :)

I've put her into my CMON gallery - HERE - and also my Putty & Paint gallery - HERE - so if you feel like popping by and leaving a vote or comment that would be great. :)

Moving on with what I'm doing right now, I've progressed the Andrea elf a bit. I am actually a little intimidated still with regards to the drapery on the model, and have done some early blending, but I want to add a lot of either texture or embroidered imagery to the cape, so these shots are likely to hold little resemblance to the final piece.

The base I think I shall call "done" barring some touch ins of the black and a name plaque. I've done a warm/cold contrast with some warm coloured plants to the front and centre and darker, more autumnal tones to the back and far edges. There's some real plants, Silflor tufts and flowers plus some laser cut leaves scattered around. I may yet add a few coffee grounds to the soil, but I'm fairly happy where it is right now.

Hopefully I'll more her along some more this week.

Cheers ^_^

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