Friday, 4 March 2016

And they went in two by two...

2016 for me so far has been really busy, and in terms of output I've been pretty prolific. A quick count back and I think that I have completed 11 minis since the 1st of January - 9 Kingdom Death models and 2 for Mythos.
I've not painted anything "display level" for myself, but I hope to rectify that in the next week or so.

I'm working through a commission of starting models for Kingdom Death: Monster for a client, and I'm on the final model of this phase for them, the Butcher...

The one on the left is my own tabletop version. The new version will be a much colder scheme, and I've only worked on the armour plates so far.

I most recently finished the client's White Lion...

The lower pic was a nearly finished image, plus the lion on the left again is my own one.

Just before that I painted the client's Screaming Antelope...

You'll probably notice that I focused on the furry texture with both of the lions and this antelope. I'm quite pleased to be adding this to my regular repertoire, and adds a certain realism to the monsters which have smooth skin on the whole.
The image at the bottom here was a quick sketch that I did for the base using a stylised version of the Antelope's crest in the KD:M rulebook. It was a bit of fun and will either end up on the base of my own Antelope or the clients one.

Before that I did the 4 starting survivors for them too...

The lower set are my own, which I also completed recently.

So that rounds up the glut of KD models that I've worked on so far this year - there shall definitely be a lot more to come too!

I also completed 2 models for Mythos ready for their Kickstarter later this spring, and I'm currently waiting on a couple more I think that they want done before Salute in April.

These are Abigail and Maharal...

Abigail was a pretty straight forward paint job, but Maharal was more of a challenge of textures and sheen. Both were pretty fun though. You can find out more about Mythos/Paranoid Miniatures here - LINKY

Right, that's me up to date! Just in time for the weekend!

Have a good one.

Scott ^_^

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