Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Another one bites the dust...

Since the last post I have been mostly weaned off of Drop Assault, preferring to get back to the desk a bit more and push Shido'ni along - Well. When I'm not hooked on Walking Dead or Fortitude or on who killed Lucy Beale (yeah, I'm a part time Eastenders watcher... What?! *_*).
Fortunately I had chosen to go for a super simple cracked desert base, so once the actual painting of the model was done, the base was mostly washes and pigments - and a load of sanding where I hadn't prepared the plinth properly...

In the end I'm quite happy with the amount of weathering that I've put on, and most of the rest of her too. The shoulder and gun icons were a cause for annoyance, to the point where I repainted 3 or 4 different designs before settling on the one that you see below.

I am most happy with her face, and eyes in particular. I wanted to get the wind burnt face and goggle marks, which I just about managed, but the sculpt of the eyes really needed me to get them just right, and I do think that I got that about as right as I could do.Hopefully you do too ^_^

As usual, here are the links to her on COOLMINIORNOT and PUTTY & PAINT

If you like her, please do stop by and leave a comment/vote. They are all appreciated. :)

Next on the corks is Twisted's M'Dusa, who I previewed in an earlier episode. She will also be a "simple" paint the model and stick her to the base job, but I am about to start researching snakeskin... gulp!

I also was the very fortunate recipient of a lovely present today. One of the regulars over on the Kingdom Death Kickstarter page sent me the Wrath of Kings Twilight Knight special model...

With my (obvious) affinity to all things KD, I shouldn't be surprised if she doesn't end up on the corks very soon. Thanks very much Alice! ^__^

That's it for now. My usual Thursday painting session will undoubtedly be mostly spent watching the 'Enders 30 year live show... Too. Much. Drama. Lol.

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