Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Well that escalated rather quickly...

Hi all.

Since my last post I've been busy again with clearing the last piece off of the desk, and then predictably I got sidetracked...! lol

I tend to find that sometimes my motivation to paint can ebb and flow, but I still want to be at the desk doing something. In this instance I was working through a Kingdom Death Pinup that had been on a cork for months while commissions and other pieces took priority. I got her skin and  much of her "clothing" done, but I felt a bit of brain block kicking in, so rather than force myself I opened up the cupboard and looked for something that I could do that would challenge me, plus possibly bring back the inspiration/motivation to finish the KD model.

After a bit of rummaging I had a Confrontation Wolfen model and Knight Model's version of Gandalf on the table. I decided to build Gandalf. What happened next was a bit of a whirlwind of glue, airbrushing, painting thousands of tiny texturing lines (while drinking beer), playing with inks and glazes and making up a plinth of paving stones and foliage. With very little in between stages, I had a complete Gandalf on my desk about 4 days later!

I love it when pieces suddenly fall into place like this, as I sometimes feel bogged down with details on models that can run on for what seems like forever. It was almost like doing a large version of a Hasslefree model, in that the model seemed almost to paint itself, so I could just enjoy myself and enjoy the result.

Gandalf can also been seen/voted for in my Coolmini gallery - HERE -  and also in Putty & Paint - HERE.

With Gandalf swiftly on and then off the table, I went back and completed the Pinup. This is the Lioness Pinup and she is another yet to be released Pinup that I received an early copy of just after the Kickstarter. She will be released alongside the game when it comes, and probably on a public release thereafter.
There was a fair amount to repair on her, as she had quite a few bubbles and wrinkles in the cast (which may have contributed to my relative lack of enthusiasm to get her finished), but she worked out quite well in the end, and again it was quite inspiring to paint her kind of in the Lokman Lam concept style...

Again, she can be found in my galleries - COOLMINIORNOT and PUTTY & PAINT ^_^

With her complete, I had a completely clear desk for the first time in absolute months! Then just like that, Kingdom Death release some models that I was sent a preview copy of a couple of months ago.
I bought a piece of resin scenery from Origen Art at Euro Militaire, and with the counter posed Male and Female Visionary models, I formed good idea for a vignette which I started to put together...

Expect progress on this soon.

Of course, I get one idea in my head and another slips out at the same time, and so I decided to start building another Kingdom Death monster, the Lion God.

This is definitely a model that people will either love or hate. Personally, I don't know where I am with it. The sculpting is absolutely amazing, the subject matter is controversial to say the least, but I think that I will probably try to bring focus to the model through colour rather than controversy, if possible...

I have decided to alter the posing of the face a little, but other wise I'll paint it much as the sculpt comes. In these shots there is a fair amount of filling and fixing to do, plus the hands along his back need 6 lanterns to be attached, speaking of which, the entire base is composed of lanterns and rock. That will be a challenge to paint!

The next post should be interesting!

See you then! ^_^

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