Shiny Blogs

This list will likely increase as times passes - or I am bribed with cake/beer/special favours...

Vibrant Lantern - Not a blog, per se, more a near encyclopaedia of all things Kingdom Death. It focuses mostly on how to build the various kits associated with KD:Monster, but also includes notes about background fluff to do with the KD world and so on. If you're not sure about that hand or bit of armour, usually Vibrant lantern is the first place to go! :)

Jolly Bodgers - My good friends Pete "Avicenna" Bell, his partner, Tracy "Toosh" White and their cats. Pete is a highly accomplished painter and fellow Platoon Britannica boss man. He has a rather large list of competition winning models, not least a best of show at Salute in London in 2011. Tracy is also a really good painter, whenever the painter's block lets up! ;)

Sproket's Small World - David Soper, 2+ time UK Slayer Sword winner and general painting clever clogs. Filled with insightful and easy to follow tutorials along with the usual photos of great models.

Volomir's Blog - Rafael Garcia Marin's blog. Too many awards to list. So much pretty stuff to see. Always worth a look!